Tuesday, November 22, 2005

My utter loathing for G. W. Bush

Reaches new intensity.

I want to write a book.

On the odd-numbered pages there will be pretty, childrens' book-ish drawings of George W. Bush in comical scenarios. On the even pages...

"George W. Bush can't find Afghanistan on a map!" (Superimposed on a drawing of a confused Bush and map with clearly labled "Afghanistan" on it.)

"Meanwhile, an Iraqi mother cries and cries because her child is never coming back!" (Superimposed on a picture of an Iraqi mother cradling her bloody, badly mangled baby's corpse.)

"Our President can't escape a room full of reporters..." (Superimposed on a drawing of Bush looking puzzled at a locked door--alternatively, make him pushing hard on the door with a sign labelled "PULL" in big letters. The latter is not historically accurate, but it's hard to draw a locked door.)

"But Iraqis can't escape the every-day reality that Hell on Earth has destroyed every moment of their waking lives (and their non-waking moments, also)." (Superimposed on, say, something from Abu Ghraib or maybe this picture.)

For best effect the pictures should be full-page and brightly colored.


Blogger Mr. Natural said...

Yea...."Hello Iraq...we come in peace." Bush the asshole is the poster boy for the whole asshole gang. What fucking HORROR. Great blog, btw.

7:11 PM  
Anonymous Jazz said...

George bush is there to stay. get over it. im english but am sick of americans bad mouthing him. if you all ahte him so much then why did he win the election?

1:25 PM  
Blogger Winter said...

Ah yes, victory. The ultimate goal which will justify anything!

That sort of mindset would certainly explain the myriad cruelties Bush has inflicted on various people. "Hey, as long as I win..."

(Incidentally, Bush's days are numbered. Specifically, he has about three years tops. No more, quite possibly less. He is not "here to stay" by any sretch of the imagination.)

5:47 PM  

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