Tuesday, November 22, 2005

My utter loathing for G. W. Bush

Reaches new intensity.

I want to write a book.

On the odd-numbered pages there will be pretty, childrens' book-ish drawings of George W. Bush in comical scenarios. On the even pages...

"George W. Bush can't find Afghanistan on a map!" (Superimposed on a drawing of a confused Bush and map with clearly labled "Afghanistan" on it.)

"Meanwhile, an Iraqi mother cries and cries because her child is never coming back!" (Superimposed on a picture of an Iraqi mother cradling her bloody, badly mangled baby's corpse.)

"Our President can't escape a room full of reporters..." (Superimposed on a drawing of Bush looking puzzled at a locked door--alternatively, make him pushing hard on the door with a sign labelled "PULL" in big letters. The latter is not historically accurate, but it's hard to draw a locked door.)

"But Iraqis can't escape the every-day reality that Hell on Earth has destroyed every moment of their waking lives (and their non-waking moments, also)." (Superimposed on, say, something from Abu Ghraib or maybe this picture.)

For best effect the pictures should be full-page and brightly colored.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Judge Alito's Big Gay Day

Not too long ago--although everyone seems to have forgotten about it now--President Bush nominated some guy named Judge Alito to the Supreme Court. Sure, what with the impending collapse of Republicanism in this nation it's kind of hard to pay attention to even Supreme Court nominations. We'll have plenty of time later. Today is Judge Alito's Big Gay Day in my blog-world. It's his "coming out", you might say.

Judge Alito shares a common thread all of President Bush's Supreme Court picks have shared: a committment to gay rights. And we're not talking a committment to obliterating gay rights, here. Each of Roberts, Meiers, and now even "Little Scalia"--a man whose counterpart, Real Scalia, is willing to explicitly deny the Ninth Amendment in order to argue against, among other things, the idea that people can have sex in non-governmentally approved fashion--have all had solid records as one of the big contradictions in modern politics and public life: pro-gay Republicans.

Oh, yes. I know, "Scalito" is a crazy... he couldn't possibly be pro-gay, right?

Also, 30 years before the Supreme Court decriminalized gay sex, Alito declared on behalf of his group of fellow Princeton University students that "no private sexual act between consenting adults should be forbidden."
(From an ABC story on Alito's nomination)

Thirty years before Scalia said there was no Constitutional right to have sex because the Constitution does not explicitly enumerate such a right Alito was taking the opposite position.

Alito, back in 1971, also called for an end to discrimination against homosexuals in hiring.
(Same source as above)

Alito wanted to end discrimination based on sexual orientation--now, thirty-four years later, sexual orientation is still only rarely protected in hiring and firing practices. Most Republicans argue against it because it somehow interferes with the Free Market Magic. (Just ask them, but don't ask them how that works!)

Even the Human Rights Campaign--a powerful pro-gay rights, pro-same sex marriage group--likes Alito.

The only question is: Will the Republicans figure this out or are they too stupid to see that, yet again, Bush is giving their sacred moose the finger? And not the index or pinky...

(Not the ring finger, either.)