Friday, June 17, 2005

Fear on the Eve of Victory...

I haven't been posting for a while, i guess, but stuff is just going too fast for me to really keep up on. I have about two hundred links sitting in my "current links" folder and some of them go quite a ways back. I'm not really sure why i haven't posted much lately, don't think it has to do with the title--but then again, maybe it does. I've also been meaning to write on "how the Democrats can win the same sex marriage debate", but that also hasn't been happening. I'd better hurry up, too! I don't want 2006 to pass me by.

But without further ado...

Fear on the Eve of Victory

Kind of a strange phrase, perhaps. But, i think, appropriate. The "eve of victory" refers to the coming backlash against the Bush Administration and the Republicans--especially those of the "neo" or "movement" variety. It might be curious to consider this the "eve of victory", but consider it hope on my part. I'm gazing into my crystal ball tonight.

The fear might also seem unusual if we first assume victory is at hand, but i fear that victory will not be a victory for us--those who have stood for the truth of the Bush Administration and especially the war in Iraq from long before it was popular, those who have agitated for change and improvement. Those who might drive Bush out of office with the bludgeon of truth and justice might find themselves on the end of the sword of retribution, the pitchfork of mob justice, and the torch that burns effigies if not actual people. I am talking, of course, about a repeat of the villification of the anti-war crowd of Vietnam. I am talking about another round of "Swift Boat Veterans for Recovered Memory Therapy" who are angry the US lost the war and, instead of blaming those with whom the blame lies, they blame people they disagree with who dared ot speak the truth when it was unpopular and who dared to open the eyes of others to the truth.

I fear, my readers, for the day when the proverbial party (possibly the literal Party of the Republican Party) is over and the Republican machine looks at itself in the mirror--if ever so briefly--and suddenly has an overwhelming need to find a scapegoat. I am neither the only nor the first person to think this. They (and by "they" i mean "failed fascists, stalinists, corporatists, theocrats, war-mongerers, and would-be aristocrats") have blamed their own failures on those who have pointed out their failings before and will do it again--in fact, all of history is chock full of this... no time, save the relatively recent last few hundred years, has ever been even remotely free of it. If US history, especially Vietnam War-era history, is any lesson they can easily succeed at it.

They believe those who stand for freedom instead stand against them personally. They believe those who stand for justice instead stand against them. They believe those who stand for America instead stand against them. And they are willing to spend millions--if not billions--of dollars convincing everyone else the same thing. They have succeeeded before and they can succeed now, even despite the gravity of their crimes. Never before have they been so close to the total power they crave, never have they been so intoxicated and addicted to it, and never have they been willing to stoop so low to maintain it. The question is not "will they seek retribution when they lose it?" but rather "how far will they go?"

I was worried the post-2004 election triumphalism would dissolve into riots in the street or violence against the "unbelievers"--those few who stood out against the tide of Bush in their own communities--and was relieved that did not come to pass. But we are, again, facing that prospect and a thousand times more serious. We are not just talking about impeaching a President: we are talking about shatterring the twisted-mirror world view of millions and they will not thank us for it. But it must be done if the Union is to remain the land of the Free.


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