Saturday, May 14, 2005

Texas GOP 2004 Party Platform Analysis

I was browsing through DKos recently and caught the new (2004-new, anyway) Texas GOP Party Platform.

They have focus-grouped some things into euphemisms, but the new one has all the same craziness as the old one--and new stuff added on!

I was then inspired to write some analysis of it for your enjoyment. Enjoy! I'll be updating on here as i update on that page. Here's a taste:

Welcome! In this document i will attempt to examine the Texas Republican Party's 2004 Party Platform. Since the document is about 28 pages of rambling with a bunch of bland platitudes mixed in with some utter madness it'll take me a while to get through the whole thing, but i intend to do just that. New sections will be updated as i examine them myself. I have a handful of goals with this and let me go over a couple of them:

  • I want to unravel the code-words to explain how when they say "pro-family" they mean anti-gay, just as one example.
  • I want to examine what the Republican party really wants
  • I want to examine how and why what they want is often not reflected in reality at all--ie, how they seem to believe tax cuts reduce the size of government when in fact tax cuts do quite the oposite.

For those who pay attention, the Texas GOP platform usually contains a wealth of interesting information--the sort of information that we, as a nation, ought to be aware of and probably also debating. I, it should either be obvious or become obvious soon, hold the view that a great deal of this stuff ought to also be rebuked and treated carefully. However: very few people, outside of certain political circles, even consider this stuff. The once-important party platform has been essentially reduced to a stage to throw meat to the extreme elements within the party. Furthermore, it can be elightening to an outsider to read since they seem to be counting on the relaive unimportance of such platforms and so they speak fairly freely.


Anonymous sap support pack said...

That's awesome. Too bad we're talking about 2004 though, Because I would love to see newer analysis of what has happened since then, but thanks so much for being informative :)

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