Saturday, February 05, 2005

"...we never once did that to Clinton."

JOE SCARBOROUGH (former U.S. representative (R-FL) and MSNBC host): After the Democrats booed and hissed, Republicans were on the floor saying, you know, we never once did that to Clinton. So every time he would talk about Social Security, the roars got a little louder. And they got behind their president. [MSNBC, Hardball, 2/2/05]

Oh really?

I've been sorta hiding for a while. Number of reasons. Most of them frustrating. I'm not going to give you the litany of complaints.

Anyway, i've still got a ton of stuff up: but i had to bring this one up while it was still timely.

In other, quicklike, news: I actually saw this book. I picked it up and read it. It's every bit as bad as the link claims.

Think back. Way back. No, further than that. Even further than last Thursday. Back past last Monday, too. Go back to before the November 2 disas... elections. Go back to the Presidential debates. Remember those?

It's like a sequence out of an old Chinese Wire-Fu film.

National Guard memos what?

(That was actually hard. It was a cross between referencing the whole 60 minutes pseudo-scandal and making some joke about how Bush is a puppet--possibly sprinkle in some lyrics from Pinnochio songs.)

Remember this? I do believe the AFA tipped me off to this one.

Some examples of those frivolous, evil lawsuits that must be stopped... At least, if you listen to Bush.

Let's play a game!

Soviets or Nazis? We report: You decide!

(As a side note: the answer is obviously "Lenninist"/Communist. Duh.)

Well, that's all for tonight!


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