Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Now this is irony...

Due to Microsoft brain-damage i'm now trying to pirate their damn operating system.

Let's back up and see why. For those of you who have had some... experience... with Windows you probably won't be surprised.

So a while back my hardware started flaking out and my video card broke itself. At the same time a bunch of other stuff went wild and lossy. Including my Windows XP install which ate the NTFS partition it was installed on and then randomly distributed the bits onto my Linux partitions. Major losing.

Well i didn't bother to fix it since i figured it might (just maybe) not be Windows' fault for once. Who knows. In reality i just didn't want to clean up the inevitable bit-vomit again. Lazy like that. But i only really used XP for playing games, so no big loss to not have it. Besides: my video was all mangled since the video card was a bit crispy.

Well i got replacement hardware. I decided i was feeling a bit of an urge to do some gaming so re-installation of the XP system would be required. I started up the Windows XP CD and it helpfully suggested i repair the broken partition rather than install on a new one (considering the amount of difficulty i was having getting it to even admit the partition i was aiming it at existed i figured i'd go with the repair). Well it did its happy thing for a while, rebooted, did more stuff. Then it asked me for my cd key.

I was waiting for that, of course, as Microsoft has a fascination with cd keys that borders on Freudian. I punched the cd key in and hit enter.

I'm sure those of you with experience with Windows know what happened. For those of you who need the blanks filled in it said "CD Key invalid. Also: I fucked your mom!"

Okay, i'm exaggerating. A little bit.

I went down and took a shot of some whiskey. Vile stuff. Came back up and hit "enter" again and the same thing happened. No go. I re-read the cd key. Maybe i was mis-reading it, i thought, so i tried a couple permutations. Nothing. Nada. Zip.

"That's annoying..." says i. I boot into Linux and hit Google up for some suggestions. Google suggests i stab myself in the eye. Both Google and i know that's where this is going anyway. I politely decline, however. Google's second suggestion is that this is the desired behavior of Windows XP. Your CD key is only good once. Want to re-install? Windows doesn't.

"Wonderful... just wonderful... i love being treated like a criminal after coughing up cash for this junk. And being told it's for my own good, to boot!" says i. Eye-stabbing time...

Well, not one to let a little bit of brain damage stop me, i'm now investigating various ways to circumvent this nonsense entirely.

Great work, Microsoft. Your anti-piracy scam actually encourages me to pirate your software. What the damnity-fuck am i giving you money for? To get slapped in the face?

Every time a new Windows operating system comes out i swear i won't buy it. But i even have a Windows ME disc. ME for God's sake! And i don't really have piles of money just lying around, either!


At least i get to use irony in a way that actually respects the meaning of the word. I think i'd better quit while i'm not-further-behind-than-i-already-am. I need sleep and i have class tomorrow. I don't have time for this nonsense...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You should be able to use your Windows XP key more than once unless your using some kind of student version of XP or your using a pirated copy of XP as they are phasing out all pirated copies of XP by killing the generated cd keys. If you need help don't hesistate to contact me on msn matrix_gta@hotmail.com

i'm a livejournal user also, found this post through botcat who is on my livejournal watch list.


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