Saturday, February 26, 2005

Link dump!

Here're some links. Enjoy:

Margaret Cho gets "fanmail" from Freerepublic! See how many YOU can read before developing a desire for human blood!

CPAC took place recently. It's a conference thing where a bunch of Republicans get together and say what they really feel. It's as telling as a Freerepublic post.

CPAC whispers from a mole in the conference.

More commentary from either the same mole or a different one. And even more commentary!

And for that matter: that site is pretty good in general. Here's something else from it...
The biggest problem with Horowitz's Academic Bill of Rights is that it is serving as the Marxist linchpin for a Stalinist movement. The Academic Bill of Rights, which may or may not have been written in good faith, is still a deeply flawed and it is being used across the country for the most dangerous of purposes. In Colorado, Gov. Bill Owens and the former Senate President called for imposing political quotas on academic departments. In Ohio, one State Senator is calling for a prohibition on the repeated discussion of controversial subjects. As Berube emphasizes, his definition of controversial includes "religion and politics." Sara Dogan, who works for Horowitz's unaptly named Students for Academic Freedom, has gone on unsubstantiated academic witch hunts, as outlined in a new Todd Gitlin article in Mother Jones.

(From this post.)

Speaking of academic witch-hunts: More on Ward Churchill. I still don't agree with him, but i can't support witch-hunts that purportedly respect the letter of the first amendment while at the same time having the effect of punishing dissent. That's what the campaign against Churchill is and don't you believe otherwise: it is revenge.

President Bush must have had a lousy week lately. Let's hope he has a few more over the next few years.

Enough of the "hawks": A response to twenty seven different justifications for the Iraq war. Conspicuously absent is "The Book of Revelations".

MyDD's book club: The Republican Noise Machine, by David Brock of MMFA. One of my personal favorite personalities in this whole mess.

The GAO rebukes the Bush Administration:
... in violation of federal law, failed to disclose the administration's role ...

Can we impeach him yet? How about now?


Okay, ignoring perhaps the biggest threats to our national defense (as per that last link up there) aren't an impeachable offense. They're just vile. Especially when they're being used to punish people who voted against Bush and reward people who voted for him. No, those aren't impeachable offenses. But getting a blowjob is. Yessiree, it sure is a good thing Bush isn't getting any blowjobs. I mean... think about the grave danger to our nation that would pose!

RMS manages to describe the objections to copyright law as-is in a single paragraph. This is a new record for him.
In US law, copyright is a deal between the public and authors: the public sold the freedom to republish, which only publishers could do anyway, and gained more progress. Progress is valuable, but freedoms that we want to use are even more valuable. Nowadays, that includes the freedom to share copies on the internet. To make copyright law a good deal for the public, we should scale it back. If this means some companies and a handful of superstars make less than their wildest dreams, Prendergast may be shocked, but Adam Smith would not have been.

Considering this was my real foothold in politics back when i first getting involved (yes, really) i would of course be remiss in not occassionally mentioning things in this arena. It's just that fixing copyright won't do us much good if we lose all our other freedoms and rights in the process.

Oh, and while i'm on the subject: Don't just click through EULAs--they really do control you.

Heck, have more commentary on the economics of sharing.

The "war on drugs" and The Masquerade: part 1, 2, and 3. They're fairly long so you might want to bookmark them. The second one is the best IMO. They're all important though especially with a certain Negroponte's nomination. Again: nobody is too corrupt for the Bush administration, apparently.

Disgusting ad attacks the AARP. News at 11.

Actually no, i'm not going to brush that off. See, i stubmeld on the people whose picture was used in the ad. They're not happy. They've contacted their lawyer.

B.O. (that's Bill O'Reilly if you haven't caught on) is a strange, strange man.

The Republicans are starting to realize Dean isn't just some bad dream. Too bad. I was hoping they'd laugh a bit more.

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win." -M.K. Gandhi

On Republican extremism.

Democrats afraid of touching the Gannon/Guckert affair shouldn't be. I'd throw in a "Stop listening to their propaganda you simpletons!" but i doubt it'd do me much good.

The UN calls for Darfur war crimes tribunal. Too late to be much other than a symbolic gesture, though. Let me just bring up Rwanda as well. "Never again" my ass.

"Some 83% of students polled felt people should be allowed to express unpopular views..." Don't go pat yourself on the back. That's 17% of students who think people should not be allowed to express unpopular views. These people can't vote. Not yet, anyway.

Transgender celebrity, though not in the way you might think.

On the curious way the Right Wing abandons babies as soon as they're born. I don't do much on abortion (probably not as much as i should) because i'm still torn on the issue. I won't get into it here, but i do advise you read the above article.

Bush's secret tapes. I'm sure most of you have heard of these as they've been all over the news. Still, he sounded like a real human being. Unlike how he normally sounds. It's too bad he also appears not to have a spine. He doesn't want to "kick gays", indeed. You may not want to, President Bush, but that's exactly what you have been doing.

And on this Wead guy? Bush's friends sure like protecting him from anything resembling "accountability".

This didn't surprise me. Apparently people think that if you want to have kids that means you're going to be a model parent. People think a lot of things, though.

"Misunderstanding Malcolm X"

Congress curbs class-action suits slaps the American public in the face.

Churches being used as military recruitment centers. Okay, show of hands: anyone surprised? No? Didn't think so. If i had the time i'd outline how this relates to Don Rumsfeld's secret ops program but that's not for today i guess.

“Don’t take on the Bushes” is becoming an unwritten rule in American journalism.

Speaking of journalism: Orcinus discusses the "pestilence on our nation".

Democrats consider redistricting. I'm a bit torn on this one. I like free seats as well as anyone but i'm not sure throwing the conventions into the wood-chipper is the right way to go.

Time for a bit of envy: British minimum wage actually exists in the real world...

Propaganda to keep us sedate.

And finally: the real memos on Bush's national guard service.


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