Monday, January 10, 2005

Chris Matthews has no use for so-called "facts"

So apparently CBS has fired some people over the national guard story. How nice. I'm not going to say it was the right move or the wrong move becaues i know almost nothing about it.

But Chris Matthews doesn't let knowing nothing about a subject stop him.

On his show tonight he had Pat Buchannan and some sort of Geraldo Riviera look-alike who i've never seen before over to slime CBS, John Kerry, and Democrats in general. They claim, you see, that the CBS story was a deliberate attempt by CBS and "Liberals" to bring down the President. Not, by the way, through providing facts about his national guard service--but rather, and this is important so pay attention, in the same way the Republicans tried to bring Clinton down.

That is important because the "Bush-haters are worse than Clinton-haters ever were!" meme has been gaining traction lately. Again, i'm not going to deal with the veracity of such claims at this point in time but i would encourage people to remember that the same people who are spreading this new "Bush-haters are worse" meme are the same ones who gleefully jumped onto the Clinton-hating bandwagon once it picked up steam.

Anyway, so Matthews and his friends were discussing how CBS obviously knew the facts (and "the facts" in this case are, according to Matthews and company, "the CBS memos are obviously faked, as anyone can see") and are a bunch of treasonous traitors.

As an example of obviously faked parts of the memo--get ready for it!

The superscript "th" in the memo, according to Chris Matthews, proves that the memo was "obviously faked" because no typewriter of the time could do the superscript "th".

For those who are keeping score: this was the first argument against the memos. It was also the most obviously false. But of course, Chris Matthews doesn't let facts get in the way of smearing Liberals!

Just for the record, i have an old 1970 IBM Selectric typewriter that my grandfather purchased (yes, back in 1970) for personal use. It could, if configured properly, create a superscript "th" character. And certainly the 111th Airborne would have no use whatsoever for a superscript "th" character! You're a terrorist for even considering it!


As an aside, i saw the "Moss-mooning incident" today. They're still playing it. This aside is mostly aimed at Nickelbolt (whose blogger site thing you can find in my "friends of" column over there to the right) but also to others who have been paying attention to the ridiculous way in which the news media finds something which they claim is tasteless (or whatever) and then play it to death.


Aside #2

Orcinus talks about the mainstreaming of "white supremecist" groups.

As though by fate, i also saw a story about the KKK starting up highway cleanup projects in certain areas. "Hey! Look at me! I'm a productive, valuable member of society! I'm not a racist, honest!"


Aside #3

Orcinus also discusses some of the Usual Right Wing Suspects' reaction to the Asian Tsunami disaster.

It's pretty crazy, but not unexpected.

As an aside to the aside, i saw the Scarborough Country (or rather: i saw as much of it as i could physically stomach) in which Scarborough had some frothing Christian lunatic on preaching about how the death of 150,000 people was a good thing as long as those people were yellow-skinned and/or non-Christian.


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