Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Side note...

From here.

...[the Republican Party] claims family values, yet red states have higher divorce rates, teen pregnacies, crime rates, and just about every other social problem, and to top it off are net federal dollar recipients.

I realize the author of this quote is not campaigning for anything.

For those who are (yeah, you're probably not reading this--big deal): there's a reason for this, i think, that can be figured out from the above line alone. Why are the people with the "worst family values" (or whatever you're calling it) voting for the party with the most "pro-family-value" rhetoric? Because they feel like they ought to vote for someone who is "pro-family-values" in order to fix their lack of family values.

Of course, when the "pro-family-values" position consists of "scapegoat queers and blacks" there isn't going to be much real improvement.

The Republicans talk big and the Democrats don't. It's as simple as that. Furthermore, the Republicans say the Democrats are the source of all evil on the "family-values" front and the Democrats do nothing to counteract this impression.

Democratic Leadership Council: I'm talking to you!


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