Wednesday, December 22, 2004

The Republicans' problem with minorities...

You know what cracks me up? When minorities don't vote Republican the Republicans don't say "Hey, maybe we have to make an appeal to them", or "Hey, maybe they're a bit leery of the party that still features most of the unreformed segregationists/anti-abolitionsts and we ought to set their mind at ease". No, the Republican party says "It's all their fault they're not voting for us."

I can't even understand the mindset that results in this sort of thinking.

I mean, i am as usual exaggerating a position for effect and clarity of argument... but nonetheless. But i was just listening to Bill Kristol say, in effect, that he doesn't know what's wrong with all those African Americans and if only they'd just give up their pointless party allegiance they'd vote Republican and we could move on.

Uh huh. Right, Bill. I'm sure they're very convinced.

Maybe the reason minorities don't vote for Republicans is that Republicans, or at least the Republican leadership, doesn't know a "minority" from a bookshelf.

As an aside #2, i listened to Eugene Volokh of The Volokh Conspiracy talk about the second amendment on MSNBC today.

Why does he get to talk on MSNBC anyway? He's not that special, and his arguments were silly. (Though they would require a bit of set-up to refute, they involved totally ignoring the cognitive dissonance involved in two separate positions that Professor Volokh was espousing and explaining cognitive dissonance on live TV would likely be tricky to do.) Sure, he's a college professor. Big deal, he still can't argue his way out of a paper bag.

But then again, i guess nobody else in this God-forsaken country can either...

It's not even that his position was terribly stupid, either. It wasn't that bad. It's just that he was pretending his position was reality when it clearly wasn't. In fact, he was pretending his position was reality and then using that pretense to argue that his position was reality. But of course, explaining circular logic on live TV isn't much easier than explaining cognitive dissonance...

(Edit: Volokh was on MSNBC, not CNN. I had originally claimed i saw him on CNN, but he was on MSNBC and not CNN. So clearly i couldn't have seen him on CNN.)


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