Thursday, December 23, 2004

Massive dumping of links

It's the Newspeak, stupid! Bill O'Reilly explains how respecting the fact that not everyone is exactly like him is actually fascism.

Incoherent defenses of social security privatization are apparently the new modus operandi. Sort of like how all those "Let's get rid of the Department of Education and suddenly everyone will be super-educated by the invisible hand of the free market! I should know, the free market is giving me an invisible handjob right now!" arguments.

Except with fewer references to sex.

The Daily Howler, if nothing else, is focused with laser-like precision...

And here my parents were worried that all those games i play/all that anime i watch will destroy my ability to discern fantasy from reality. Pfah! If only i were so lucky!

Orcinus, meanwhile, discusses revisionist history with respect to the actual fascists. Hey, who was it that said that the only reason they denied the past was so that National Socialism would be seen as a viable form of governance again? Oh yeah, that's right: Neo Nazis.

Moving right along, or not moving along at all as the case may be, gays are the new jews. Only, not. It's just that the jews have been kinda-sorta let off the hook for the present time because butchering them by the millions is not very popular these days. But that doesn't mean the gays and the jews didn't (and "don't", for that matter) get discriminated against together.

As an aside, i want to discuss something more or less related.

A lot of "conservatives" or whatever the fuck they're calling themselves these days take a "pro-Israel" stance. They say, in response to criticism such as mine, that they're VERY pro-Israel and the mere suggestion that they might harbor some ugly anti-semitic sentiment (their own words and actions to the contrary be damned, isn't that right Miss Ann "There is a constitutional right to hate" Coulter?) provokes an extreme and emotionally violent reaction from them along the lines above.


Notice how this isn't "pro-Jewish" or anything like that. In fact, the only reasonable thing this position could be taken to encompass is that these people are supportive of Israel's continued existence as a nation.

But of course, many of these people are also rabid fundamentalist crocks. And according to their so-called literal interpretations of Revalations the end of the world won't come until two conditions are met:

One is that Israel must be a nation.

This is where much of their "pro-Israel" stance comes from. Makes you feel all warm and cuddly inside, don't it?

The second is that there can't be any Jews left alive. They all have to have converted to Christianity.

That's the part that people don't see from the "pro-Israel" slogan.

Now i'm sure that these same people who object to my intimations they might not have the noblest of desires for the Jewish people in their hearts would... well, object to this characterization.

Funny thing about that, though.

You can't tell the crazies (who say they're "pro-Jewish" and silently tack on "and also all Jews have to be dead or converted before The Lord will come down from Heaven and make with the ending of all life on earth, a day whose arrival I pray for constantly.") from the ones who are just supportive of the continuance of Israel as a state for other, less totally fucking insane, reasons.

Nonetheless, both types use the same phrase to explain their position: "I support Israel".

So i have a message out there to all those who "support Israel" but who don't support using Israel as a pawn in some sort of cynical global politico-religious chess game to stand up and be counted. Until then i don't really give a God damn whether you're offended or not. The crazies are counting on your silence in order to hijack your (relatively sane) position and try to make their own palatable while simultaneously obscuring their true objectives by regularly omitting half their position. They are furthermore counting on your (perhaps well-meaning) offense at being considered a part of an "extremist" group in order to maintain plausible deniability while still dreaming for a world in which Judaism has been utterly wiped off the face of the earth.

But hey, whenever i make personal attacks on Bill Oh Really i make baby Jesus cry. You see, Bill himself told me. He's an important person, and baby Jesus cares for Bill O'Reilly more than baby Jesus cares for you or me. Oh sure, he might call up his producers and sexually harass them while pleasuring himself with a vibrator. Or whatever it was. But he's not gay and that's all that really matters, isn't it?

I don't even know what to make of this. Were i less worn down by the constant, sanity-crushing reality that is United States politics then perhaps i would comment. I might say something about how it not mattering whether a reporter asked the question or not, and in fact how a primary problem with reporters these days is that they aren't asking such questions. I might wonder if this didn't fit into some larger assault on freedom of the media through poisoning-the-well. But no, for my mind could not sustain within it such primal truths. The knowledge of such evil and chaos was not meant for this world. And other hyperbole.

Also: Google is down. Coincidence, or another sign of the horrifying end times yet to come?

Conservatives really think the American public is too stupid to notice that "intelligent design" requires an intelligent creator that exists beyond human observation. Side note to everyone else: if you don't notice this i'm going to smack you with a rolled up newspaper.

Seriously, people. Christianity was once the cultural leader of the Western world. Now you (for i certainly cannot envision myself as a part of this movement, no matter my own beliefs) are trying to wage a passive-aggressive war on the last one to two hundred years of reality? How the mighty have fallen.

On a similar note, i'm thinking about teaching a logic/philosophy/critical thinking/etc class at my father's church to some elementary/high school kids. I'm already drafting up, in my head mind you, the waiver i'm going to make parents sign before their kids enter the class. It goes something like this "I'm putting my kid in here with the expectation that you will teach him/her to think for him/her self and not that you will espouse one 'party line' or another. Subsequently, I understand I may not be happy with the resulting critical inquiries. I have the right to withdraw my child at any time, but do recognize that this class's stated goal is to teach my child to actually use what's in between those ears for a change."

Or something.

My father was more receptive to the idea than last time.

No-facts is apparently the standard go-to man for "balanced" "reporting" these days.

Don't you just love scare quotes? I don't know how many footnotes i'd have to make in order to get my point across without them.

Gallup poll claims "Moral Values" (there're those scare quotes again!) fourth, not first, on voters' minds.

The Democrats' position on abortion is invconvenient, so conservatives decide to attack the position they wish Democrats held instead of the actual one. Remember that talk about well-poisoning? Well this is technically known as straw man burning.

And with that, i'm going to write another editorial. I'll post it once it's finished.


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