Monday, November 15, 2004

Wonkette has your fix!

So, are you Blue Staters feeling a bit "down"? Does the prospect of having to worry if your opinions count as wrongthink combined with the prospect of John Kerry "winning 43 electoral votes and 11 cities" (according to one person, whose website i can't find, who apparently is under the impression that we vote by-state and that people voting for their favorite candidate somehow disenfranchises the "Red State Majority" illicitly) keep you awake at night? Feel like you could use a bit of a "lift"?

Worry no longer, Wonkette has your fix!

Also, Wonkette has found a Free Republic thread about the big, male, heterosexual freepers obsessing over how Dick Cheney has a large wang. Sadly, the thread was removed. All the good freep-o-matic threads have been getting killed. Ah well, we'll still have "We're Not". (In case we lose, too--which would truly be a loss--the WNS-ers are copying the "Sorry" website. But with more guns. Lots and lots and lots of guns. Also threats to use those guns if anybody disagrees with them.)

Fundamentalism: From the inside-out

(Edit, edit, edit!)

The incomparable Daily Howler takes on Democratic incompetence.

As much as i hate talking points, they're the political reality. If someone calls you up and says "what are my talking points" and you say "I don't know" then what, precisely, are the fuck you doing?

Even if you have an ethical objection to the talking points game you can at least have a bunch of information ready. I mean, seriously! Did the Kerry campaign just not have any response to the SBVfTL at all?

Also, it appears a recount in Ohio is a sure thing thanks to the efforts of David Cobb and the Greens.

Not that i think a recount is going to change anything (if there are problems they're of the non-recountable kind--no paper trail, remember?) but it's good to see someone at least putting up a fight.

I would be, of course, remiss to not mention that there are Democratic Senators fighting this fight too. It's just the party elite that's sitting on their hands.

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Randomly... just, y'know, 'cuz i'm thinking about guns and all... the NRA would do well to read the second amendment. All of it, i mean. Not just the part they like.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

<is SSL>

Honestly I agree with the NRA, even if they are ignoring the actual word of the law.

The state millitias are now part of the federal military. The athourity to protect the people from the government must therefore fall back to the people themselves.

5:28 PM  
Blogger Winter said...

Well, right. The whole militia thing is a joke at this point. There's no way any citizen force is going to be able to take apart our professional army with the sort of weapons that are legal. Neither will they be able to do much damage to other professional armies.

Furthermore, i'm not a member of the "ban all guns" crowd. Though i don't know how i would react to such proposals.

Personally, i like Howard Dean's proposal. And hey, Dean got an "A" from the NRA. Even the gun loonies and pacifist anarchists can agree! Sometimes, at least.

8:46 PM  

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