Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Why Protest Warrior Sucks

Some people have asked whether or not i'm being fair to the Protest Warrior crowd. I tend to think that i am.

I'm hard on them primarily for two reasons:

They complain about how protestors say things they don't like with "direct action" style protest, but they use the same style in response. So they're hypocrites.

The second is a bit more subtle.

They complain the protestors don't "control" who protests with them (specifically: they use a lot of guilt-by-association to say that all protestors are communists because some communists are heavily involved in protests) but when they get beat up by Black Bloc-ers who steal their signs they whine about the big, mean anarchists ruining their day. They want it both ways.

Anyway, link dump time:

More vote irregularities
The Democrats and Rural America - this one is very good
Kerry drinks green tea, is derided as "elitist, tea-drinking liberal"... Fuck! Lipton tea is "elitist" tea? I'd better hide my organic, hand-picked, grown-in-Japan, import green tea...
More voting stuff take two
"Liberal" vs. "illiberal" Democracies
If the Democrats want to tangle with the Condi Rice nomination they should start with Rice's not upholding her oath to the 9/11 commission (specifically: not telling the whole truth in a rather extreme way)
And finally, i update my Winterweb page and the Winterweb Systems Game Document

(Edit: A couple more links)

James Dobson randomness
Evolution only theory, not fact - what, of course, that ignores (and what makes that an outright lie) is that a "theory" (which evolution is) is the highest scientific rating for evolution or similar things. It can't go higher. Ever. There is no "fact" which a better theory could fit into. That's as high as it goes. So while, yes, it's important to challenge the scientific establishment: doing so with lies designed to be political broadsides is not acceptable period.
Rove claims "moral values" carried Bush


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