Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Random update

I've been slacking on updating this for a while, so here're some links!

First of all, something i don't have a link for. I don't remember if i mentioned or not, but if i didn't i meant to. Anyway, a while ago there was a woman who claimed she had been victim of some PATRIOT ACT nonsense. Well now the government is claiming that she has actually been playing the "bleed the beast" game by collecting various unemployment benefits while simultaneously (and under a pseudonym) writing books about how to milk money out of the federal government. It's still the "he said, she said" game at this point as far as which one is correct, but i feel i should point out there is a counter-charge.

Despite all their bitching about MoveOn and similar Democratic-leaning PACs and 527s, the Republicans out-spent the Democrats in terms of PACs 10 to 1.

Framing and branding for the Democratic Party: It's the stupidity, stupid!

Another from the same source on "Conservative Militarism"

Wasn't Hitler's strategy to radically re-make the world in the image of Nazi Germany?

Even more on framing: The Speech That Could Have Been

On the CIA being turned into a wing of the Executive Branch, White House pushes for reduced Congressional oversight

That site is pretty sharp in general, too.

TV with the sound off

How Rick Santorum stole $100,000 and a seat in Congress from the state of Pennsylvania

Student wearing pro-gay clothes told they were offensive while students wearing anti-gay clothes were totally ignored but a school

Speaking of anti-gay ideology, time to cancel your subscription (if you have one) to the Washington Post.

Three stories from the Howler

I think the Howler under-estimates the race issue, though. For instance, all of the recent controversies have been race-related.

The basketball riot
The Football advert
Rap music (and other segments of non-white culture) being evil, but country music getting a free pass
The hunter shootout up in Norther Wisconsin (several white men vs. one Hmong immigrant)

Let's see. All the big controversies going on today share one thread. Race.

More framing (on the FCC issue)

Remember that $388 billion dollar budget bill?

I think i linked to this before, but here is an analysis of some questionable voting data

On a "grassroots Democratic Party"

Of course, the Creationists finally realized that evolution wasn't the only thing that flat-out contradicted their "young earth" ideology. Now they're going after Geology.

Do you want people to avoid discussion of geology because it is politically incorrect next? That seems to be the way we're going. Other takes on the same story.

The Unexplained Poll Discrepancy (Warning: 350kb .pdf file)

Of course, America isn't the only nation with suspicious exit polling and election results in the world

(Or hell, go back and look at how the Republicans were all frothing at the mouth about suspected vote fraud when, after the terrorist attack in Spain, suddenly the voters decided their current leader sucked...)

Christopher Hayes talks about how undecided voters are the real drooling idiots in politics. Well, i'm exaggerating. But undecideds aren't the all-PhD crowd the media tries to turn them into.

This re-iterates the need for "framing". Not, as the story i link to suggests, vague platitudes: but rather framing policies with the bigger picture. If you don't understand the policies in detail, as many (probably most) don't you are still told what the policies are supposed to do. It would be a start, at least.

Finally, the "fair tax" isn't. No surprise there.



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