Thursday, November 18, 2004

Note to politicians

Especially those frustrated by the Religious Right fucking with your life.

I was just listening to some talk on cable news about how certain religious leaders are all "We're the biggest special interest group in the nation and we deserve to be treated like it!"

I say: okay.

Let's start treating religion like a special interest group.

First, if they want to get involved in politics, strip their tax exemptions away. Any church which starts lobbying (as churches have done extensively recently) loses its tax exemptions. Same goes for any organization or whatnot.

Then pander relentlessly to them during election season. Try then to avoid giving them anything you promised.

Stop treating them specially. They're not the biggest "special interest" group in the nation. That would be women. They're just big.

And so on.

When they bitch, point out they brought this on themselves. This is how the game is played. Perhaps they should have thought things through before they demanded being treated just like any other special interest group when they were given (today) a huge number of free benefits in a contract with the state that has loopholes big enough to drive large trains through.

Maybe i'm just bitter, though.


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