Tuesday, November 09, 2004

I'm gonna get tired of this eventually...

But for now, votes by state, county, and state+population, and county+population!


Also, this exchange is revealing.

"And way over due. They [DeLay, Reed, Norquist, etc] represent mainstream America (whatever that is), Republicans or "conservatives" about like Michael Moore represents the Democratic party or liberals. [Don't know about the progressive progressives (: ].

"Well, as of now [t]hey do represent somebody. At least DeLay does. It's time to change that."

Yes, people, it's time to stop pretending. The lunatics are at the wheel and the people purportedly in charge of keeping the lunatics in line are sleeping in the back. For his part, the first guy up there does respond with:

"Couldn't agree more. I wouldn't vote for a Pest Control guy for Congress...

Nor will I ever vote for anyone who obviously puts his Party ahead of the good of the Nation."

For my part, i'm a fan of this.


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