Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Here we go!

In HTML or (for those of you who are into that sort of thing) Excel too. I could provide a Microsoft Access file as well, but that's kinda silly. I'll email it out of someone wants it, but i'm not going to bother sticking it up online. Let's be serious, at this point about two people are even going to read one of those things. Maybe.

Now, i know what you're thinking. You're thinking "Winter, what the heck is this?"

Well, first read about the silly "Red Staters" boo hoo-ing those wicked elitist liberals up in the Northeast (and in other blue states). "They're not honest, hard working Americans like us Red Staters! All they do is live off the taxation of others! Unforgivable!"

This is, if you're paying close attention, basically Grover Norquist's whole platform. But then again, Norquist has his own demons.

"Grover told the New Republic which called him 'the Che Guevara of the Republican Revolution,' that he inherited his fiscal conservatism from his parents, who raised him in a wealthy Massachusetts suberb. Each time they went out for ice cream, his father would bite into Grover's cone, punctuating the bites with 'sales tax,' 'income tax,' and 'estate tax.'...

When Grover first came to Washington... the sight of imposing federal buildings made him 'physically ill,' he explained to the Washington Post. 'They took people's money to build those things, people who were just getting by, [they] stole their money and built those things out of marble... Neo-American fascism, stuff that looks like Albert Speer designed it."
(Page 64, Blinded by the Right, by David Brock)

Brock, by the way, now runs MMFA.

Anyway, back on topic. I saw that list a couple times, notably at The Daily Howler, and thought "Hey, that's kind of interesting... i wonder if the numbers line up." Following my usual line of reasoning that what they don't say is usually at least as important as what they do i decided to grab the full list and assemble the numbers myself.

As per my earlier post it appears they do, in fact, line up.

Now, as per that Daily Howler article, there are some questions about why this situation exists. Particularly with respect to, for instance, farm subsidies (though i'll note that Minnesota and Wisconsin are both in the sub $1.00 range and Iowa is just a bit over at $1.06 and they're quite involved in farming- though more and more the big "industrial megafarms") and whatnot. But the point is that it isn't the "Blue States" who are a "drain on the treasury" and pretending otherwise (and that this particular point is indicative of some moral superiority of the "Red States") is silly. Conversely, claiming this is somehow indicative that the "Blue States" are morally superior to their more financially dependent friends is also silly. The point i'm making is that not only is it silly but it's just not backed up by fact.


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