Tuesday, November 09, 2004


Firstly: The mainstream media pick up the story of Ohio/Florida electoral problems (Warning: very large quicktime file on the other end of that link).

Everything else:
I was going to write up a companion to this that would be full of charts and delicious numbers, but unfortunately that didn't happen. I've gotta sleep so i can wake up and go to school, so i'm putting it off. They're mostly done, but it'll take a while to write everything up. Basic overview:

Those who take more Federal money than they pay in taxes are 12-5 "Red States", those who take less than they pay are 26-8 "Blue States". This is including DC, the worst of the lot (though in DC's defense it's not precisely a state) and the staunchest Kerry supporter of all.

The "Red States", on average, take $1.33 from the Feds for every dollar they pay in. The "Blue States" (again, including DC), on average, take $1.21 from the Feds for every dollar they pay in. Without DC the "Blue States" are $0.93 dollar payed in taxes per dollar taken back. Before you freak out about those two numbers not averaging out to $1.00: this doesn't include the amount of dollars each state takes vs. pays.

Additionally, The Onion deals frankly with Republican pandering.

Orcinus discusses yet another "Modest Proposal" (You'll have to scroll down a bit as Orcinus also writes large posts). Wonkette deals frankly with why you should not name serious proposals after a satirical article discussing the benefits of eating babies. Unless, you know, you really want to compare your own serious proposals to rampant baby-eating. Of course, (as Orcinus explains) the name was no accident.

Speaking of "no accidents" in Republican use of language, the Rockridge Institute discusses "framing", again: another big part of my upcoming, still-hypothetical book. Unrelated, but also both at Rockridge Institute and a part of my book is a discussion of how to talk about taxation.

Some Media Matters stuff: Falwell tries to scale back his anti-gay rhetoric, Social Security privatization and more on Republican use of Orwellian language, Michael Savage continues to be so over the top i literally cannot parody him, Bill O'Really continues to live in his own litle world, and Limbaugh still doesn't get how discrimination works.

As an aside, there was some talk like Limbaugh's on Public Radio just the other day. If i didn't have to go to class as i was listening i would have called them up and yelled at the guy who called in to copy Limbaugh's speech. Interesting that people will pick up Limbaugh's talking points and then insert them into random other pieces without revealing where they got their talking points. That would go into my book, but it would require more resources than i have to make a convincing case on.

Whew. Lots of stuff. I've also added a link to political resources that i think are pretty cool. They're not the be-all, end-all of course; but they tend to be my first stops. Any other cool sites like that i am made aware of will get linked, but i set the bar pretty high. I would, of course, be willing to "affiliate" with others ^.~


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