Saturday, October 30, 2004

Rich boy protestors infiltrated by anarchists...

News at elven.

So Protest Warrior has been grabbing headlines (if you can call it that) recently.

I remember them from back when i yelled at them a lot. They're a bunch of privileged, rich, angry, white boys. Seriously. They have "hard hitting" slogans like "Except for ending Slavery, Communism, and Fascism war never solved anything!" which are factually untrue beyond even a surface probe. Slavery is doing fine. Communist China is one of our allies. I won't even mention Fascism for the rest of this post. Unfortunately, the Protest Warrior crowd's arguments rarely go beyond that flavor of slogan. That and claiming anyone who opposes them is a dirty commie.

Joe McCarthy would be proud.

Their "hard hitting" tactics include inflitrating "leftist" groups and fucking with them. You see, they seem to think calling people dirty commies is clever. Their entire organization, as i hope you'll notice, is based around knocking down straw-man versions of the modern-day Democrats.

They're strong supporters of (for instance) Communists for Kerry, a group of Republicans pretending to be... well, "Communists for Kerry". They're often mistaken for a satire group (and, indeed, they have sort-of turned into one now that their cover has been blown wide open). Contrast with Billionaires for Bush, a satire group often mistaken for a real group.

They do, however, seem to enjoy a singularly pleasant relationship with the police.

In any case, the point is that in order to understand the irony here you need the appropriate picture painted.

Protest Warrior has been, more or less, inflitrated by anarchists. At least, they claim it's the anarchists. But Protest Warrior has a difficult time telling anarchists from communists to begin with, so i'm hesitant to take their word for it. (Hint: Anarchists and communists are like pirates and ninjas, like oil and water, like Windows and Linux, like... well, you get the idea.) In any case, they've been whining about how the anarchists have shown up at their various rallies and protests and so forth with signs like "Nazis for Bush!" and/or random other anarchist tactics.

Sound familiar? If not then please read a couple paragraphs back.

But to the Protest Warrior crowd this is only "cool" and "not suppressing free speech" when it's done to Democrats. When the Black Bloc came and fucked up their parade it was different. That was evil speech-suppression.

So what am i getting at?

Let's see...

In the past conservative groups have had a stereotype, maybe even well deserved, of being an older crowd, not very imaginative and creative.

I think it's still true. Borrowing radicalist tactics and then whining when the people whose tactics you stole use them on you (and use them better- they wrote the book... or at least, they would have if they could find a way to publish it without submitting themselves to evil capitalism) is not creative nor is it imaginative.



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