Sunday, October 31, 2004

Protest Warrior: Site of Endless Amusement

So i'm reading through that PW thread. Most of the stuff i would reply to is too silly to reply to. But this is not.

The wonderful anti-FSF user icon of a patriotic Protest Warrior

Pretty cute, eh?

It's this Guerrilla_Conservative person's user icon.

So why is that important? Well, that's the Free Software's mascot: the Gnu.

You can see it here, right on the front of their homepage (at least, at the time of this diary).

So this Guerrilla_Conservative person doesn't like the FSF eh? That's okay. Lots of poeple denounce them as "software hippies" and "dirty commies" and so forth. Their refusal to play by capitalistic rules marks them out, in many circles, as doomed to die.

There's only one problem.

Their operating system (and especially Apache) runs over half the internet. Including



Anonymous Anonymous said...

The person known as Socialist on PW used that image as his avatar, hence that is why it is being used as a satire.

4:44 PM  
Blogger Wraith said...

I'm a poster at PW and I'm curious as to how you can to this conclusion...

Have you asked Guerrilla_Conservative on the meaning of his avatar? You are making quite a leap in assigning some freeware bias to Guerilla_Conservative without checking to see if his avatar is based in some anti-gnu sentiment.

If you would notice, the gnu picture is the avatar of a poster/troll by the handle of "Socialist." If Soci's avatar were a a bowl of dog food, it would be featured in the "wanted poster" avatar. I think that your inference that this is some attack against GNU is incorrect. For clarification, please ask Guerilla_Conservative.

To get some idea of why Socialist is held in such scorn, please feel free to read some of his posts. I think you may find Soci's position on placing a higher value on a pig than a human fetus to be quite enlightening. While Socialist is an advocate of freeware, his other positions make him worthy of being called a troll.

There are many threads on PW dedicated to the discussion of available OS's. If you have a moment use the "Search" feature of PW to check older threads of OS discussion to see if your allegation of anti-gnu bias is factual.

Such as this thread...

6:16 PM  
Blogger Winter said...

As far as i'm aware, there is only one meaning to the GNU Gnu. I guess i sorta missed that, as the only "Socialist" i saw had a different avatar. So perhaps it was only unintentionally ironic. In any case, that makes sense at least.

7:29 PM  
Blogger Winter said...

Upon consideration, let me be more complete with where i'm going:

The GNU's "Gnu" mascot is pretty much the GNU's mascot. I don't know how much you personally know variant operating systems, but consider replacing it with a picture of Mickey Mouse and it's a similar effect.

Secondly, Linux is widely reviled as "communist" software, not the least because it has its roots in a decidedly non-capitalistic mindset (i'd say more pseudo-anarchist than communist, though BSD would be more anarchist than the GPL, but that's nit picking) and as such i'm perhaps a bit quick to put two and two together, but that's certainly what it looked like and has certainly been justified far more often than not.

Thirdly, i'm not trying to slam Protest Warrior-the-site here- i think their choice of operating system is a fine one and it's what i would choose myself. Nor am i implying Republicans are tech-illiterate or something. (I know far too many "right"-leaning Libertarians from places like kuro5hin to say that). I was primarily going after (what is apparently a misrepresentation of) an individual user who appeared to be taking shots at the software the site he's posting on runs. Irony, unfortunately, is highly contextual...

9:14 PM  

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