Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Oh yeah, that's the ticket:

This time, you can't dodge the draft:

But I'm gay

Congratulations! And welcome to the Army! Sure, the military hates you, and you run a good chance of being beaten to death in your sleep by your fellow soldiers, but that doesn't mean they won't draft you anyway! The military has a special policy called "stop gap" where they don't throw you out for being gay during wartime (well, unless you're dead). Lucky you!

The thing is, they will dishonorably discharge you once the war is over (if you survive) if you're gay.

So congrats. You lose either way. Thanks, America.

Remember: What was good enough for Bush is not good enough for you losers.

In other news, some Republicans are switching their support to Kerry.

One more thing: the BBC (once again) scoops the US media. The Republican Party engages in (probably illegal) voter suppression.

I fucking hope they do challenge me. Then i'll kick their asses for playing make-believe gestapo.

Also, writers are terrorists. Patriot act anyone?


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