Sunday, October 31, 2004

This should be the final kerry campaign ad:

(21:12:59) Winter: you know what Kerry needs to do?
(21:13:04) Winter: he needs to put together a new ad
(21:13:10) Winter: some Osama Bin Laden talking
(21:13:12) Winter: no voiceover
(21:13:17) Winter: from this new tape
(21:13:32) Winter: then be like "That was Osama Bin Laden delivering a speech yesterday"
(21:13:40) Winter: and then cut into Bush's "I'm not really concerned about Osama"
(21:13:46) Winter: line
(21:14:00) nickelbolt: haha
(21:14:11) nickelbolt: wow
(21:14:13) nickelbolt: brutal
(21:14:18) Winter: yeah
(21:14:23) Winter: why hasn't he done this?
(21:14:39) Winter: it seems obvious

Protest Warrior: Site of Endless Amusement

So i'm reading through that PW thread. Most of the stuff i would reply to is too silly to reply to. But this is not.

The wonderful anti-FSF user icon of a patriotic Protest Warrior

Pretty cute, eh?

It's this Guerrilla_Conservative person's user icon.

So why is that important? Well, that's the Free Software's mascot: the Gnu.

You can see it here, right on the front of their homepage (at least, at the time of this diary).

So this Guerrilla_Conservative person doesn't like the FSF eh? That's okay. Lots of poeple denounce them as "software hippies" and "dirty commies" and so forth. Their refusal to play by capitalistic rules marks them out, in many circles, as doomed to die.

There's only one problem.

Their operating system (and especially Apache) runs over half the internet. Including



It's ironic that we're about to prove that anarchy works, in that we're going to demonstrate that the Internet can maintain rule-of-law strictly by private netizens who are fierce about protecting their electronic property rights.


Hey Kfir! Learn something about anarchy, how about! Learn something about the internet, too. You aren't demonstrating anarchy works. The internet in general is demonstrating that.

Then he goes on...

Hey hacker, welcome to the wild wild west and we're puttin' up a Wanted Poster with your face on it. You best giddyup little doggie, cuz a posse is coming to hunt you down. As you know we live in Austin. Well you're about to learn a valuable lesson: don't mess with Texas.

Sorry, Kfir, but you don't understand "the wild west", anarchy, the internet, or just about anything else you're talking about. At all.

Angry posturing notwithstanding you have very little to say. For starters, "anarcho-capitalists" ("property rights are the ONLY rights"-people) are not "anarchists" in the usual sense at all. In fact, the two groups are pretty much about as opposed to each other as you can get. So don't claim you're "proving anarchy works" by "defending your internet property rights". You even know the two are different, you say so yourself, but you apparently don't get it.

In other words, Kfir, you're being disfavorably compared with a skr1pt k1dd33.

There's only one way to eliminate war, a world of free nations, not socialist utopias.

Sorry, Kfir, but war is an inter-nation conflict. It has very little to do with the internal governing style of the nation. Or did you forget that the USA, which i would assume you'd consider a "free nation", is pretty war-happy itself? Did you forget that Canada or the other "socialist utopias" have been far, far less likely to wage war than the United States?

No, New Yorkers are liberal, and we wouldn't change a thing about that, we love New York just the way it is. But they're liberal, not crazy. That's why they elect Republican mayors.

We can talk about Rudy "Blame the victim!"/"Blame the troops!" Gulliani later.

But as for "That's why they elect Republican mayors"? I urge you to consider the implications of that claim.

Yeah, yeah we know, you're not Democrats, they're just for corporations too...blah blah blah...heard it

So, uh, why do you continue to claim (or appear to claim) that democrats == communists == socialists == anarchists == fascists?

Viva la revolution! Sorry sport, but there's a fallacy in your thesis. A free society will always be one where men have different levels of talent and ambition, so the only way to a classless society is one with a heavy-handed state to enforce it, which is why you're not even anarchists, you're fascists. You should read Vonnegut's Harrison Bergeron, it portrays what happens when a society is run by your sick philosophy.

Uh, what?

Stop evalutating anarchistic/socialist arguments against classism through the lense of capitalism. Please.

As far as "what happens when a society is run by your sick philosophy"? Wikipedia has some history.

This guy talks like Darth Malak from KOTOR.

He's a script kiddie. What do you expect?

(Edit: And then there's the comments from bizarro-world... More "Communism == Anarchy" nonsense!)

Saturday, October 30, 2004

Rich boy protestors infiltrated by anarchists...

News at elven.

So Protest Warrior has been grabbing headlines (if you can call it that) recently.

I remember them from back when i yelled at them a lot. They're a bunch of privileged, rich, angry, white boys. Seriously. They have "hard hitting" slogans like "Except for ending Slavery, Communism, and Fascism war never solved anything!" which are factually untrue beyond even a surface probe. Slavery is doing fine. Communist China is one of our allies. I won't even mention Fascism for the rest of this post. Unfortunately, the Protest Warrior crowd's arguments rarely go beyond that flavor of slogan. That and claiming anyone who opposes them is a dirty commie.

Joe McCarthy would be proud.

Their "hard hitting" tactics include inflitrating "leftist" groups and fucking with them. You see, they seem to think calling people dirty commies is clever. Their entire organization, as i hope you'll notice, is based around knocking down straw-man versions of the modern-day Democrats.

They're strong supporters of (for instance) Communists for Kerry, a group of Republicans pretending to be... well, "Communists for Kerry". They're often mistaken for a satire group (and, indeed, they have sort-of turned into one now that their cover has been blown wide open). Contrast with Billionaires for Bush, a satire group often mistaken for a real group.

They do, however, seem to enjoy a singularly pleasant relationship with the police.

In any case, the point is that in order to understand the irony here you need the appropriate picture painted.

Protest Warrior has been, more or less, inflitrated by anarchists. At least, they claim it's the anarchists. But Protest Warrior has a difficult time telling anarchists from communists to begin with, so i'm hesitant to take their word for it. (Hint: Anarchists and communists are like pirates and ninjas, like oil and water, like Windows and Linux, like... well, you get the idea.) In any case, they've been whining about how the anarchists have shown up at their various rallies and protests and so forth with signs like "Nazis for Bush!" and/or random other anarchist tactics.

Sound familiar? If not then please read a couple paragraphs back.

But to the Protest Warrior crowd this is only "cool" and "not suppressing free speech" when it's done to Democrats. When the Black Bloc came and fucked up their parade it was different. That was evil speech-suppression.

So what am i getting at?

Let's see...

In the past conservative groups have had a stereotype, maybe even well deserved, of being an older crowd, not very imaginative and creative.

I think it's still true. Borrowing radicalist tactics and then whining when the people whose tactics you stole use them on you (and use them better- they wrote the book... or at least, they would have if they could find a way to publish it without submitting themselves to evil capitalism) is not creative nor is it imaginative.


The real news about Osama Bin Laden

The real news, as the title suggests i will reveal, is that the Republicans seem to be shocked that he's a paranoid, hypocritical, radical terrorist.

Hello, people! How is this a surprise?

An argument for the Electoral College (And assorted nonsense)

Yes, you read that right.

I figured the electoral college has a fair chance of becoming the national pariah again in a few days, so here's an argument for it:

Many people have made the claim that the Electoral college "prevents the small states from becoming disenfranchised by the large states". Poppycock! It does no such thing. Maybe at one time it did, but no longer.

However, an updated version that's actually relevant to the world we live in would go like this: in America, the majority of the population is concentrated into metropolitan areas. States might not be disenfranchised by a non-electoral college, but rural areas would be.

Now, why should a person in a rural area have their vote "count" more than one in an urban area?

They shouldn't. The problem is the winner-take-all system. A candidate who can run solely on "urban" issues at the expense of "rural" issues might, in theory, get elected. Of course, this sort of pandering happens anyway...

The "winner take all" system also, in fact, means that certain states become irrelevant (in contravention to the argument put forth in defense of the electoral college above) and that votes in "big states" actually "count" more under certain circumstances than votes in "small states".

For example, one person's vote in California could- in theory- swing 110 electoral votes. In other words, about 2/5ths the total number of electoral votes required to get elected President of the United States. One voter in Wyoming, in contrast, is only going to swing 6 votes. Of course, without proportional representation that means the small states go back to "counting more" once again.

As far as states being irrelevant: the only thing that matters for a state is whether it is safe to say the state will vote one way or another consistently or whether it will not do so. The ones that do not do so are given massively disproportionate attention in the campaigns while the others are virtually ignored. Simply compare the amount of time spent in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Ohio, and Florida with the amount of time spent in California, New York, Texas, Wyoming, and North Dakota.

(Edit: Some random additional throw-ins)

Commentary on the news corpse and their utter refusal to point out that the administration is grasping for straws. Photographic evidence the explosives were around for a while is "evenly balanced" by some guy saying "I think we took that stuff off and stashed it somewhere... dunno really, but it's entirely possible we might have done that. But maybe we didn't."

The Daily Howler has some meta-commentary.

Also: Don't forget targetting of minorities with voter suppression! (Assuming that's a legit flyer, of course)

Finally, Wonkette delievers the goods on Osama Bin Laden. It seems we should be referring to ourselves in third person here. And making penis jokes.


Internets Veterans for Truth!

Lots of funny video clips! Keep them for posterity! Put them in a time capsule, then dig them up in ten years and wonder what the fuck we were thinking!


Anarchist ramblings of goodness.

Thursday, October 28, 2004


(01:36:39) nickelbolt: dude, what are you going to write about when bush leaves office?
(01:36:57) Winter: hahah
(01:36:59) Winter: i have no idea
(01:37:01) Winter: i'll be so lonely

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Oh yeah, that's the ticket:

This time, you can't dodge the draft:

But I'm gay

Congratulations! And welcome to the Army! Sure, the military hates you, and you run a good chance of being beaten to death in your sleep by your fellow soldiers, but that doesn't mean they won't draft you anyway! The military has a special policy called "stop gap" where they don't throw you out for being gay during wartime (well, unless you're dead). Lucky you!

The thing is, they will dishonorably discharge you once the war is over (if you survive) if you're gay.

So congrats. You lose either way. Thanks, America.

Remember: What was good enough for Bush is not good enough for you losers.

In other news, some Republicans are switching their support to Kerry.

One more thing: the BBC (once again) scoops the US media. The Republican Party engages in (probably illegal) voter suppression.

I fucking hope they do challenge me. Then i'll kick their asses for playing make-believe gestapo.

Also, writers are terrorists. Patriot act anyone?


Q. What's the difference between Iraq and Vietnam?

A. Bush had a plan to get out of Vietnam.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Testing, testing...

Giving this thing a try.

Hello world, etc.